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 My experience of life is one of constant, anxiety, fear, depression, dissociation, ungroundedness, anger and numbing. Life is disorganised and uncomfortable. I struggle to express myself and maintain relationships. All my relationships are stressed – my work place, my family, my finances, myself. I’m scared of being hurt, rejected, abandoned and punished. I have trouble sleeping from nightmares, lack of energy and I’m almost always drained and tired. I struggle to maintain daily tasks or self care. I struggle to maintain my professionalism, career and study. I carry guilt and shame of the past. I am depressed and feel worthless and hopeless. 

It has been dark for so long, I have begun to believe that this was just my life. That my trauma is too deep and too heavy.  That I’m at a dead end and my life cannot be conceived beyond this. I didn’t know things could be different. 

I have tried many different approaches to free me of my trauma: cognitive therapy, tapping, medication, EMDR, meditation, therapy, hypnotherapy and psychotherapy etc. I find little to no improvement and progress is always slow. The healing is temporary and the trauma comes back. I never get to the root and I’m never truly satisfied.

I finally reached out in desperation to learn more about MAP because I believed in my heart , I truly had a chance at living a good life and was willing to try anything. I wanted to heal this for years, and this time I just thought, well why the hell not? 

My MAP session felt like the ‘reset’ I so desperately needed. Now, After MAP I feel liberated and free of my trauma. I flow through life with lightness and ease. I can see myself clearly and make decisions that serve me. I have a lot more energy and I am taking care of myself and completing daily tasks. I enjoy my sleep. I have found love and depth in relationship with myself and others. I trust myself, accept myself and have found self confidence. I attract opportunity and success into my life. I feel safe and supported. I have been given a new life. I am happy. I have found deep peace. I am grateful.

Does this sound familiar?
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MAP is here to support you quickly and easily

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Following their MAP Healing Session, participants report experiencing:

A deep sense of relief and peace

Rapid change in quality of life

Renewed sense of hope

Decrease in trauma symptoms

Feeling empowered to make new choices

Before my MAP session, I felt stuck in a loop of being a victim to my reality. Now, I feel empowered in it and feel totally safe to explore all areas of life!

Stephanie C.
– MAP Recipient


"It really is freeing and so empowering. I almost can't believe I wasn't choosing this loving way of living before."

Deborah B.

- MAP Recipient

2 weeks post-MAP Healing Session


"My triggers are rare, but I know that my trauma does not define me or control me.

I am completely free!"

- MAP Recipient

9 weeks post-MAP Healing Session

"This, peace, has been the most central feeling I've had since my MAP session."

- MAP Recipient

1 week post-MAP Healing Session

"Once the core was resolved, all of the rest of my flashbacks held no more 'meaning' or emotional attachment for me."

- MAP Recipient

1 week post-MAP Healing Session

    “My mind was almost always racing and frequent memories of my past traumas plagued me. MAP has permanently healed those traumas. Now I’m able to access more details from my life that are rewarding. The former traumas no longer rob me by association of all that was mine to enjoy in those periods of life.”

    Kristina M.
    – MAP Recipient

           “This MAP session deeply changed my life. I understood how many of my past experiences were built on this core trauma, and also how much of my anxiety came from these traumas. Layer by layer, everything is releasing now, and I have a deep feeling of peace and clarity. I even have no words to express this freedom I can feel now for the first time in my life. All the guilt and the pain are leaving forever, and I am so glad for that. Also, MAP is really a logical process, very peaceful and so nice and easy. You do not need to have any beliefs, it is just about pure logic and as a scientist I really like it! I cannot recommend more this powerful tool!”

    Kiran Z.
    – MAP Recipient

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    “Many layers of fear have left and my overall sense of expression and my intellect has increased, along with my health and energy in my body. My memory has been much better, and I feel much more vibrant than I’ve felt in a long time.”

    Ryan M.
    – MAP Recipient

    “Before MAP I felt exhausted, heavy, hopelessly depressed and like I was living in a state of constantly trying to run and catch up to the rest of the world, when all I wanted to do was stop and shut down. But post MAP, I am free. I have a new lease on life. I am learning to trust again and open up to people who love me. More and more of my natural life force returns to me every day. I am no longer trapped in memories or clinging to the past. I can relax.”

    Deanna P.
    – MAP Recipient

    “MAP changed all of this on a level I didn’t know was possible or expected at all. While I was doing my Welcome Consultation with Jason, I nearly backed out of it because I felt like I didn’t really have trauma and it was a waste of time and money, and I was just ‘feeling sorry for myself.’ Jason assured me these were real traumas. And he actually told me we could do the session right then and there, immediately after the Welcome Consultation. I am so glad and so grateful to Jason for this.”

    Michaila F.
    – MAP Recipient


    “In the following days after my session, I felt a weight lifted off me. I felt lighter and more peaceful. Life felt easier and I had so much clarity. The dream flashbacks did not return and neither did any of the others. It’s now been a few weeks since my session and I just feel completely unbreakable and stronger than ever before. I feel untouchable from fear and a deeper sense of peace and harmony with myself that I had yearned for, for so long.”

    Sama A. 
    – MAP Recipient

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