MAP Staff

Jeff Ayan

Creator and Co-Founder of MAP Inc.

Jeff Ayan earned his professional designation in Business. As an entrepreneur, he has founded multiple successful businesses. With a unique understanding of trauma and the mind, Jeff developed the Mind Alignment Process (MAP) after years of helping people successfully heal from the effects of trauma, and subsequently co-founded MAP Inc. It is Jeff’s vision to see a world completely healed of trauma cleanly and easily through MAP.

Dr. Christine Kay

CEO and Co-Founder of MAP Inc.

Dr. Christine Kay earned her PhD in Public Safety Leadership in 2016. She is a senior field grade officer on active duty in the United States Army Chemical Corps, currently serving at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri. Dr. Kay received her Mind Alignment Process (MAP) Healing Session to heal trauma from Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF) 2004-2005 and childhood abuse. Since her MAP Healing Session, Dr. Kay has dedicated her life to bringing this unique healing modality to the world. You can learn more about her MAP journey below.

A Message From Dr. Kay

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Our community is a safe place for you to ask questions and learn more about the power of MAP.  You can connect with others on their trauma healing journey, discover their stories, and be inspired to change your life. Come join us, as our clients share the huge transformations in their lives following just One MAP Healing Session.

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The MAP Team

Dr. Cristina Fernandez

Chief of Operations
Chief Scientific Officer
MAP Practitioner

Dr. Cristina Fernandez earned her PhD in Biomedical Engineering from Duke University in 2016, specializing in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. She received her MAP session to heal childhood trauma. She is dedicated to sharing MAP with the world, and she is passionate about understanding how our power of choice impacts every facet of our emotional and physical body and well-being.

Jason Emerick

Dirctor of Training
MAP Practitioner

Jason Emerick earned A.S. and B.S. degrees in Culinary Arts and Service Management. Jason has spent over 20 years training and mentoring staff of varying sizes and levels. Throughout his career he has successfully planned, organized, and executed upscale events ranging up to 5,000 guests. After receiving his MAP Healing Session he has dedicated himself to training MAP Practitioners to deliver this revolutionary healing modality and healing people’s traumas, so that they may experience freedom and happiness in their lives.


Sarah Jean Helmer

After MAP-Care Director

Sarah brings wisdom gained from a diverse background. As a technical inside sales representative for a national fluid power distributor, she has developed a keen awareness of the varying needs of clients. Her background includes working and volunteering with police, mental health groups, community groups and most especially and proudly, MAP. She received her MAP Healing Session to heal childhood trauma. MAP has become her passion, one that she loves to share. Sarah enjoys leading After MAP Care Meetings assisting clients through the process and seeing how their lives improve in tangible ways week after week.

Meet MAP Practitioner Carmel

The MAP Team

Daniel Carboni

Creative Director
MAP Practitioner

Daniel Carboni earned his BA in Asian Studies in 2014. He served as a public servant of America in Japan, prior to returning to America. After having received healing of his childhood trauma via his MAP Healing Session, Daniel realized his desire to help the world.  Subsequently, he joined the MAP team with the desire to help LGBTQ+ people and the world heal their trauma.

Carmel Murphy Pollard

Executive Assistant
MAP Practitioner

Carmel had a strong athletic up-bringing, training with some of the best sportsperson and coaches in her home country, Australia. She has a passion for performance and team cohesion and loves to support the MAP Team in achieving their goals. In her MAP Healing Session, she healed childhood trauma she had carried since birth. It is in her heart to ensure her teams success, so it may achieve its goal to completely heal the world of trauma.

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