Kitty Martin, LMFT Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist What is trauma? (This article should not be substituted for professional psychiatric care or diagnosis.) I have many clients who reluctantly come to see me who share “I’ve put this off because I don’t have trauma or anything major that happened”. TheyContinue Reading

Financial Stress Leads to Poor Mental and Physical Health Research notes financial strain in the home is directly related to increased anxiety, stress, and feeling out of control in one’s own life*. When you do not invest in your financial health it can lead to a ton of physical healthContinue Reading

“You’re Being Paranoid…You’re Overreacting…That Never Happened…Everyone Thinks So.” “You’re Being Paranoid…You’re Overreacting…That Never Happened…Everyone Thinks So.” These are phrases an abuser will use to try and gaslight someone to sow the seeds of doubt in their mind on what they are truly experiencing. Gaslighting is defined as psychological abuse aimedContinue Reading

Are Depression Symptoms Controlling Your Life? You Are NOT Alone! Research suggests symptoms of depression and anxiety are at their all time high worldwide*. Mental Health facilities are over-extended and many people need immediate support. Mind Alignment Process (MAP) provides a personalized alternative healing program to improve your well-being, healthContinue Reading